Saturday, June 30, 2012

Poetry? Pfft.

Recently, my arch-nemesis challenged me to . . wait, that's not right. Not my arch-nemesis. Bitter rival? No. . . colleague? No. Shadowy quasi-government operative? Yes. Mr. Bennet. Creepy, four-eyed, hidden agenda agent man himself. He challenged me to some poetry thing or other involving my recent Google search terms. Well, I don't write poetry and, as a mutant rights activists, I don't patronize fascist organizations. Also, as I noticed Bennet hasn't posted anything himself in three years, I was going to ignore him. However I realized there is something I want to say and really, there's no harm in putting into loose verse.

Strip Mall
As a renowned diversity lecturer
I've traveled all around the US.
Everywhere I go, this what I see:
Walmart and McDonalds.
Everything is the same everywhere.
Walmart sells the same things,
McDonalds sells the same food.
America is now just one big strip mall.
It doesn't matter where you are,
Everything's the same.
The only interesting people left are the Amish,
Which is rather ironic
As they are famous for being plain
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