Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Amazing Mutant Race is off to an incredible start! So far the contestants have raced from New York to Canada and then the North Pole, fighting savage monsters and exposing themselves to possibly fatal radiation along the way.

What perils will face the contestants in next week's challenge? Who will be eliminated? Who will win . . the Amazing Mutant Race?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Okay, fine. So what? I can walk. There, I said it. Big deal. What a scandal! A man who once could not walk now can. Who cares if I still use a wheelchair from time to time? I find it comforting. Plus it has a drink holder, which is very convenient. And my surface to air missiles. Those can come in handy, let me tell you.

And just maybe it engenders sympathy from the pretty young ladies that I meet from time to time. Is that such a crime? Wouldn't it be a lot worse if I used my telepathic powers to control their minds and make them do whatever I wanted? Isn't, therefore, it so much better that I occasionally use my wheelchair? And if it's so much better, how can it be wrong?


The press didn't buy that argument. I'm on the cover of NewsTime this week with the label "Faker" plastered all over my face. Fortunately I have come up with solution. One that should make Wolverine very happy.

I am starting another Amazing Mutant Race! This is sure to distract those vermin in the media from their constant howling about this overblown non-story. The linkis here for any one interested in competing - Just leave me a message if you'd like an invitation.

I wonder if they would believe I had a miracle cure. Perhaps I should give Jimmy Swaggert a call.
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