Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Susan Glenn

Who is Susan Glenn? I don't know but she represents the girl that you never made a move on, or so I'm told. Here's a link that might be relevant -

So do I have a Susan Glenn, you ask, probably because you're too nosy to mind your own business? Yes, of course I do. More than one actually. My first was my ninth grade math teacher. Here's a picture I kept in my locker -

In fact, here's a closer up shot of my favorite part of that picture, an image burned forever into my memory.

My psionic powers had just come to fruition at that point in my life. Oh the mighty debates that raged in my adolescent brain. Should I use my mental powers to make her have wild, meaningless sex with me or use them to make her fall hopeless in love with me? By the time I finally settled on the wild sex, she was transferred out of the school, only to be replaced with this lady . .

Alas a misspent youth.
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