Monday, April 30, 2012

Oobie Doobie Kenoobie

So I was scanning the internet today, just checking to make sure there wasn't any mutant crises anywhere requiring the aid of my personal army team of superheroes, when I came across a story about Obiwan Kenobi getting arrested in California for a hit and run. Here's the link, just to confirm my assertions, in case there are any lawyers reading.

In the article, it says that Cale Feit had his name legally changed to Obiwan Kenobi, presumably because he's a weirdo without any real career aspirations. My questions is this: if he already had the last name Feit, why not just change his first name to Boba? It seems like a much more natural fit since an accident of birth already put him much closer to a cooler Star Wars character.


If movie franchises can be re-booted, why not blogs?
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