Tuesday, December 02, 2008

“You wanted to see me, Professor?”

“Yes, Scott. Thank you for coming. Have a seat.”

“Uh, if this is about that giant ball of gold painted silly string in the pool, I can explain.”

“I seriously doubt that you can, Scott, but that’s not why I asked to see you.”

“Oh. Is it about Jean then?”

“Jean? She’s dead. Isn’t she?”

“I thought she was alive.”

“I forget actually. It’s very hard to keep track of her coming and goings.”

“So then . . what did you want to see my about, Professor?”

“In order to boast the public relations quotient for the X-Men, I’ve signed you up for a new reality show. It’s about henchmen apparently.”

“Henchmen? B-but Professor . . I’m team leader! I’m the alpha male! I’m not a . . a . . henchman.”

“. . . Scott, I want you to look at this as an opportunity for growth. To be a good leader, you have to be a good follower. I want you to go on that show and I want you to make me proud. That means no running around naked in the desert this time, alright?”

“Okay, Professor. If you say so. So who's running this game show?”

"The Henchman."

"The Henchman?? B-b-but he's a super-villain!"

"Suck it up, Scott. Here's the address - http://worldstoughesthenchmen.blogspot.com/
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