Saturday, October 08, 2005

Well, things didn't go quite as I planned with Magneto's rescue today, but then, when do they ever? Storm, Juggernaut, Gambit and Bishop arrived at the federal detention center especially designed to hold super-powered criminals. This is where Magneto, Mystique and Mastermind have been held since the X-Men captured them last week. Why were we now trying to break them out? Don't ask.

Storm has been causing me no end of trouble lately, what with her power-play against Cyclops to take over the X-Men and her shake-down with Jesse Jackson to gain ownership rights in the school and the assorted intellectual property. Unbeknownst to her, I sent a second team along as well. Cyclops, seething with pent up resentment, was glad to do it. He took Wolverine, Deadpool and Emma Frost with him. A crew that would be open to anything.

Not caring much for Juggernaut, Storm decided to have him execute a frontal assault. She told him he would be a distraction for the real rescue team. The fact is, he would act as kind of human shield, drawing all the soldiers and their fire. My step-brother can take it. And even if he can't, that's just one less Christmas card I'd have to send out.

As Juggernaut smashed through the outer steel fences, setting off all sorts of wild alarms, Storm, Gambit and Bishop rode in low on the wind over the far side. While Juggernaut tossed around some Jeeps in the main courtyard, Storm called down lightening bolts and fried the base power generator on the roof. Gambit blasted open the sealed doors and they entered. It was then that Cyclops' team arrived.

Armed soldiers rushed into the courtyard and took up firing positions around the perimeter. The rapid shots from their semi-automatic rifles merely bounced off Juggernaut. He is nearly indestructible.

Emma Frost, the former White Queen, followed Storm telepathically into the base. Bishop grabbed one of the guards and was able to find out just where the evil mutants were being held. Resistance was rather light as all the guards were flooding outside to try and stop Juggernaut. Storm's team soon arrived at Magneto's cell.

"Ahh, Ororo Monroe, thank you for your timely assistance," Magneto said calmly after she had blown his cell door in. "Charles told me you were coming."

"Good. Then let's get out of here," she replied.

"First, my lieutenants," he insisted. "They are in the neighboring cells."

They split up. Storm went to the cell Magneto pointed to, and Gambit and Bishop took the other two. As Storm entered the chamber, Cyclops rushed up behind her and slammed the door shut. Venom rose up from the cot he had been lying on.

"Well, well, what a tasty looking morsel," Venom said in his freaky demon growl, his wild 12 inch tongue wagging madly about. Storm shrieked. I really hadn't meant to put her into harms way like that. I was hoping she might get locked up in an empty cell and then I could "renegotiate" our deal in exchange for her rescue.

Venom leapt at her, long spidery tendrils of black ooze reaching out for her. Storm conjured some wind to try and push him back but she was soon encircled by his powerful tendrils. She screamed again as he started choking the life out of her.

Emma let Scott know what was going on. Cyclops stood there, plagued by indecision. Storm had taken his place as leader and he wanted it back, but not at the cost of her life. His hesitation just proved why he really isn't fit to lead a combat team.

Deadpool took the initiative. He used his teleportation unit to materialize into the cell. Brave but foolish. Venom is very tough. Wade didn't care. He jumped on Venom's back and hooked an arm around his neck. His other hand held a 45 which he promptly unloaded into Venom's head. Now, Venom is largely impervious to bullets. However, at such close range, the shear force of impact sent him reeling. The discharge is also incredibly loud and sound is Venom's one weakness. He was momentarily stunned. Deadpool scooped the still shaken Storm in his arms and ran to the door. Gambit blasted it open and Deadpool ran out with his charge. Magneto used his power to block the cell door tightly with debris. The group made their way back to the roof and off the base. When Juggernaut had finished playing with the soldiers, he left the base, too. Thanks to Mastermind's power to create illusions, the soldiers had no idea which way he went.

As I said, things didn't go quite as I planned, but at least the rescue worked. That's one less thing hanging over my head.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Another good day at the office, although it doesn't seem to go as planned, these things.

You have been installed in the Guest Quarters of the Enterprise (bloglist). Please bring Storm with you.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Hey Prof. Xavier,

It's been a long time -- you used to play with me when you were a kid. Remember?

You've been having some useful adventures, and I like hearing about 'em.

Bottom line? I want to join your team.

Yeah, I'm an old vet now, but I've been getting and giving a lot of cutting edge Special Forces, Rangers, Delta Force, USMC, USN, and anti-jihad training and I could maybe help you out.

Let me know what I can do.

I should say let me know what we can do, 'cause I have some buddies who feel the same way -- other older veterans that you'll remember.

So, do you want me to list the other guys?

Consider us a reserve military force you can call on as needed.

Way to go Prof.

Seems all that play time from a long time ago led to something really good.

-- G. I. Joe

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Scarlet Witch said...

I can't believe you went and did that! Jean could have pulled Cane's helmet off using her powers and then you could have kept him in that weird sell made for mutants you guys have. But nooooo!
I finally got some peace and quiet around here (except for the occasional pranks of Quicksilver), and you go and let them all free! I was almost finished redecorating too...I suppose daddy's going to rip it all down now.
I'm going to bring you up on the debt you owe me pretty soon, watch out.

4:32 PM  
Blogger 007 said...

Sounds like you have everything under control, Professor.

Juggernaut is definitely a bit wreckless, but he seems to get the job done.

Sounds like GI Joe will be a good addition to your team too.

Should you need my assistance, I'm currently at a wine tasting in London, but will be happy to join you. Advise the Queen and perhaps she'll assign me down your way.

Keep up the Good Work,

J. Bond

7:28 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Well, well. I'm glad to hear from an search and rescue buddy of mine from the Korean war. Those were trying times for all of us. I'm glad to hear some of my comrades in arms are still going strong and I would be happy to have the X-Men work with GI Joe when a suitable occasion arises.

In fact, from what Wanda is saying, we may not be long at all before we have to go back into battle with Magneto. I'm sorry for making things more difficult for you Wanda. I really do appreciate your help with Wolverine. It seems like he's starting to find a usefull equilibrium.

As a matter of fact, Jean-luc, I have decided to see if I can't play match-maker for Storm. Are you single, by any chance? And how would I get her to the future? I believe you are in the 23rd century, right? Perhaps if that doesn't work out, 007 might be willing to step in.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Actually, Beverly Crusher is my girl, but should Storm be around, I may waver slightly.

Don't be a 100 years out! I reside in the 24th Century.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

23rd, 24th, what's a hundred years between friends? I mean, I know it's the future, right?

9:21 PM  

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