Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Now that the latest and greatest mutant super-hero team, the X-Hibitionists, have been formed, we must find a suitable homebase of operations for them. While the team leader, the Scarlet Witch, did raise some questions as to the appropriateness, or perhaps tastefulness, of the name, I am fully confident that the team will come to appreciate it in the fullness of time.

The most straightforward way to establish a headquarters is of course to take over a pre-existing one, preferably one that is not presently occupied. I contacted Esther Rosenberg, real estate agent to the super-hero set, and was told that there are several abandoned bases currently on the market that might do.

One is the former headquarters of the Defenders in Nassau county. Now that the Defenders are back working out of Dr. Strange's brownstone in downtown Manhattan, the stables belonging to Kyle Richmond are going to waste. I sent Angel, a former Defender himself, to investigate the property but unfortunately Aragon, the winged horse belonging to Valkyrie, has been left to his own devices the last few years and has really torn the place apart. The whole property just reeks of dung. Obviously, this would not do.

The next property Ms. Rosenberg told me about was an abandoned Hudson River pier on Manhattan's lower west side. The old wood structure formerly belonged to one Doctor Octopus. The real estate agent told me it was being offered as a "fixer-upper." Blink was kind enough to teleport there to do an inspection. Most of the windows had been smashed in, there were giant holes in the walls and rubble everywhere, not to mention half-dissolved spider webbing scattered throughout. It was just too much work. Not to mention that Doc Ock is apparently at large again. Who knows if he'd want to come back to his old stomping grounds.

The third piece that the agent had to tell me about was a sub-let. Apparently the Hell Fire Club has been hurting financially after all their run-ins with the X-Men over the years . They own a rather swanky property in mid-town and were looking to rent out the bottom two floors, for the right price. A friend of mine, Jean-Luc Picard, had recently suggested that the X-Hibitionists might feel at home in a nightclub setting. I decided to give the owner of the Club, Sebastian Shaw, a call, to see if perhaps we could strike a deal without involving the real estate agent. When he heard it was me on the phone though, he screamed "Drop dead!" and promptly hung up. The man can certainly hold a grudge.

Those were the only pieces that Ms. Rosenberg had to offer me at the moment. As none of them were really suitable, I think we are going to have to build from the ground up. It's probably better that way. We can be sure to get all the bells and whistles that we want. I'll see if Beast and Forge can whip up some blueprint designs.


Blogger Haris said...

I love the Blog but am not that familliar with all the mutants outthere. I mean I know all the important familiar ones but do you think you could point me in the right direction as to find out about them or maby you could do their profiles of your blog. If you woudl like to drop by mine that woudl be great but as a mighty telepath I am sure that from there you can conclude that it is no good so you might not bother.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Hello Haris, I'm glad you stopped by. There are a couple of main resources on the web that provide excellent bio-graphical information for my students as well as our various associates. One is -

Another well done site is -

And a third -

There are of course many more but I find those above to rather informative.

I found your profile very interesting. You seem quite well-traveled. I am also rather fond of the Foundation Series.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Mr Shaw seems rather non-negotiable sort of person. Perhaps Bruce Wayne could let the BatCave on a share facility. Maybe Superman might let you have the Fortress of Solitude. It's a little chilly there, though.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Dazzler said...

I have a nightclub where I sing at! They can use it if they don't mind that I sing there every night.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Jean Luc, some of my associates have had interactions with Batman and they all tell me the same story - that he doesn't work well with others. I doubt he'd be interested in sharing. As far as the Fortress of Solitude goes, the name sort of implies that it's a place for Superman to have some quiet time. He might not want a group named the X-Hibitionists there.

And Dazzler, I think your suggestion is excellent. I'll let you know how it turns out.

8:34 PM  

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