Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day 2 of the Amazing Mutant Race happened today. As Jean and Scott were the first team to arrive at the mandatory rest stop yesterday, they were the first team to depart today.

The first clue led them on a wild goose chase around the school grounds. Wolverine and Colossus followed closely behind them with Beast and Iceman bringing up the rear. Eventually the teams stumbled over the second clue, which had been hidden under a rock far from the house. It was a Road Block.

A Road Block, so I'm told, is a challenge that only one member of the team may perform. The contestants had to rush back to the cafeteria where they found 3 tables set up with a variety of completely non-nutritious junk food. This challenge had been designed by Wolverine. The so-called food consisted of a bag of Fritos, a can of Pringles, a box of Twinkies and a six-back of Coke.

All three teams hit the tables at around the same time. Wolverine had a broad smirk on his face as he settled down to munch on his favorite snacks. Jean made Scott do this one. He did fairly well up through the can of Pringles but halfway through the Fritos he began to turn blue.

The Beast, who is already blue, was making pretty quick work of the Twinkies. Using m
y ability to read his mind, I could hear that he was becoming very agitated about what all those sugar calories were doing to his waist line. You see, the Beast has a bit of a weight problem. After his third Coke he ran to the bathroom to purge. He felt so bloated though that he refused to come out. "I don't want anyone to see me like this!" he cried. Bobby banged on the door to try and get him out but the Beast wasn't listening.

Wolverine finished first, of course, and he and Colossus ran to the finish line. I thought Scott was going to lose his lunch too but he managed to get through it all. Jean had to telekinetically float him to the finish. Hank and Bobby were the last team to arrive so they were eliminated.

Fortunately this ordeal should be over tomorrow.


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