Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Uggh. If I hear Wolverine say one more thing about what "idiotic dumb-asses" the teams on the Amazing Race are, I am going to scream. Or use my mental powers to turn him into a vegetable.

Everyone has this image of Wolverine as a tough, ultra-macho berserker fighter but the fact is he spends all day in front of the TV watching reality gameshows. Ever since the school got TIVO, he's just gotten worse. His latest addiction is the Amazing Race re-runs on the Gameshow Network. He's already seen every episode but he just keeps watching them over and over! And he yells at the TV screen about what "stupid-ass" decisions the teams make. He says "ass" a lot.

He's really starting to irritate the other students. No one else can hangout in the TV room anymore. Wolverine just sits there drinking beer, eating nachos, cursing and emitting various noxious gases from his bodily orifices. And, of course, making degrading comments to the TV. He's insufferable. Maybe I'll see if the Brotherhood will take him. Magneto still owes me one.


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