Monday, August 29, 2005

Wolverine just can't let it go. Despite my having "convinced" him to not apply as a contestant to the Amazing Race, he's still obsessed. Since he doesn't think he can go on the actual show, he's decided to organize his own contest here on the school grounds. I'm tempted to forbid him, but frankly it's the most motivated I've ever seen him.

The students have broken up into four teams - Wolverine and Colossus, Gambit and Rogue, Jean and Scotty and Beast and Ice Man. A number of different challenges have been set up. The various contests were designed by each of the teams, just to keep it fair. Wolverine's were all eating challenges for some reason.

The race started this morning with all the teams lined up the front gate. When Banshee let out a cry to single the start, all the players rushed to the mailbox to get their first clue. The first challenge was one designed by Cyclops. The teams had to rush to the basketball court on Segway people movers, break into the hidden aircraft hanger under the court and then make their way to the danger room. The teams then had to successfully complete the Sentinel's Annihilation scenario.

Gambit and Rogue managed to get to the danger room first and were doing quite well in the Sentinel program when Gambit made the mistake of pinching Rogue's butt.

"Ma cher," he said with that devilish grin of his, "it is just my way." Rogue then proceeded to beat the crap out of the Cajun. This allowed the other teams to get past them.

Once the danger room challenge was completed the teams then had to race to the television room, where the last team to arrive would be eliminated. Jean and Scott were first, followed closely by Wolverine and Colossus and then Beast and Iceman. Needless to say, Rogue and Gambit were the last to arrive. Once Gambit had managed to hobble in front of the TV, Angel had the pleasure of giving them the boot.

The second leg of the race continues tomorrow.


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