Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sigh. It looks like my efforts to reform Nightcrawler were not sufficient. This was the scene just a few moment ago in my formerly peaceful office.

"Professor X!" Kitty Pryde screamed as she banged my door open. "That blue
freak did it again!"

I groaned with trepidation when I heard that. Obviously Kitty was referring to Nightcrawler and his lascivious indiscretions. Dread filled me as I waited to hear what he had done now.

"I caught that . . that . . pervert . . going through my underwear draw . . again!" she yelled, loud enough for the whole house to hear.

Kitty, Kurt doesn't mean any harm. He
just . ."

"I don't give a crap! Just because he can teleport doesn't give him the right to invade my privacy! Or the other girls, either!"

"I know Kitty, but you have to understand . . "

"Bull! He wouldn't pull this crap with Storm! He knows she would fry him into blue bacon with a lightening bolt!"

"Alright Kitty, I'll have a talk with him. You don't have to . ."

"You better! Otherwise I'm going to be giving a call to F. Lee Bailey. He's friends with my uncle, you know."

Great, that's just what I need. A student threatening to sue me. I still haven't finished paying off the court ordered damages from the time I turned into Onslaught.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But za sex is vhat zey vhant, Professor.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Here in New York the age of consent is 17. If you insist on being a pedaphile, then might I suggest Kansas. Or Thailand.

10:18 PM  

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