Friday, November 18, 2005

Vicious tendrils of ethereal force lashed out from the gigantic astral form of the Shadow King, crashing against me. Jolts of psionic energy racked across my body as he tore away the armor I had created for myself. I tried to gather my thoughts to resist him but his attack was over-whelming.

It's really kind of ironic. I mean I make all of my students spend hours and hours in the Danger Room, honing their combat instincts, but I've never gone through the course myself. Normally I stay off the front-lines. As the Shadow King's snake like tendrils wrapped around my body and squeezed the life from me, I wondered if I had made a mistake choosing to lead this mission.

All that Danger Room training wasn't doing the other X-Men much good. The Shadow King's phantasm army had swarmed over all of them. As I looked helpless in their direction, all I could see was a big swirling mass of greenish misty forms.

Just as I felt the life start to slip from my body, the Shadow King let up the pressure. He called out to his ghost soldiers. "Bring her to me!"

I watched as some of the green mist detached itself from the larger cloud. As it approached us, I could make out a body floating inside. The mists parted and I saw the barely conscious form of Gaia. The Shadow King's body shrunk a bit as he moved closer to her. His dark cackling voice filled the whole plane.

"You have one choice, my little dear," he boomed. "Surrender to me. Be my new Shadow Queen . . or I shall kill him!"

I saw Gaia look at me, desperation and horror in her eyes. I knew my only chance was to stall.

"G-give up, Amahl," I said weakly. "You c-can't win."

Freakish maniacal laughter erupted from deep within him. "I think you mis-read this situation, Xavier. All I have to do is give a little squeeze and your astral form will be destroyed. Your physical body may linger for some time, devoid of a mind, but probably not for long. Tell the girl to surrender to me."

"What on Earth d-do you . . want with her," I managed to get out.

"She shall be my Queen, of course. Every King needs a Queen." More wild cackling followed.

"F-for an h-heir?" I asked feebly, trying to goad him.

"No you fool," he bellowed, tossing my tortured body back and forth. "I shall join with the lovely Gaia, using her awesome mental powers to take over other minds. I will start with the telepaths, merging all of them together, through her, until I control everyone! I shall be the absolute master of entire world! All will bow before me!! HA-HA-HA!!!"

My heart sank. The madman started to move closer to Gaia again. "W-what did you do to the other's p-powers?" I asked, hoping to buy just a few more precious seconds of life.

He turned slowly to look at me. For a moment I thought he wouldn't tell me, but villains can never resist gloating once they think they've won. He held up his hand and in it I saw a gun. It took me a moment to recognize it. It was the power nullifier! Forge had built this gun a couple of years ago. A man named Gyrich used it on Storm and all her abilities were temporarily drained. How had Amahl gotten it? He must have made Storm give it to him while he was possessing her.

"Enough words!" he roared. Turning to Gaia, he demanded, "Chose girl!"

Gaia looked helpless at me. With a lone tear running down her cheek, she slowly nodded. More deafening laughter burst from the Shadow King. Long tendrils snaked from his mouth and stretched out towards Gaia. The poor girl let out a terrible shriek as the glowing ends touched her skin.


Blogger Emma Frost said...

Dear me, poor Gaia.. But whatever. She can handle herself. But are we to save the dear, Charles? It is a tad pointless without any powers.

Ah yes, I did finally start my own blog. And might I say, it is terribly entertaining to write in it.

11:03 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You really are in a dilly of a pickle now, Professor.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous the blob said...

mmmm, pickles

6:55 AM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's not Gaia's day, is it?

9:33 AM  
Blogger Mystique said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Mystique said...

Amahl had told me he had plans for World Domination, I had no idea it included Gaia.

I met her once, she pissed me off so I tried to blow her head off. She turned my gun into a sunflower. Bitch.

By the way, you may have noticed I've started a blog. I figured there were too many goodygood blogs going on.

Ohmigod, Jean-LucPicard? Anychanceyoucouldbringmetothe24th

2:36 PM  
Blogger Gaia said...

Hey, all I did was ask if your hair colour was natural and you went all murderous on me.
And I am glad that you think I am so capable Emma,but I'm not. I need help. I've been posting whats happening on my blog. My leg is still broken and I fear I will soon faint if my arm doesn't stop bleeding. For some reason I can't heal them.
I did manage to accomplish one thing though. I destroyed the gun. I used my powers to teleport it inside my small cage and get rid of it. Shadow King does not no yet but when he does find out I'm in for a few more punches. I already attacked the Professor once (very sorry)I don't want to hurt anyone else. Please, hurry...

2:56 PM  

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